WEG Low Voltage Drives

Vectrue Technology® – WEG Variable Speed Drive Control Technology


  • Four control modes in one drive, linear and adjustable V/F, VVW (Voltage Vector WEG), sensorless vector and closed loop vector (encoder interface factory built)
  • Sensorless vector control allows for high torque and quick response in open loop, even at low speeds
  • Self-tuning function automatically matches VSD with motor – load when on Sensorless, VVW and closed loop vector mode
  • Through adjustable V/F control it is possible to adjust a quadratic V/F curve and that implies energy saving when quadratic torque loads (e.g.: centrifugal pumps and fans) are being driven

Optimal Braking®

WEG Frequency Inverters Braking Technology

In applications where high inertia and short deceleration times are involved, a large amount of energy is returned from the motor to the VSD.

To handle this energy traditional VSDs have to dissipate it as heat in power resistors, such resistors are usually large and very expensive also the heat dissipation has to be taken into consideration during installation.

As an alternative to the use of braking resistors the CFW700 features a special braking method in vector control mode named Optimal Braking®.

This innovation delivers rated torque with high performance requiring no resistor.

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