Medium Voltage Motors

Medium Voltage Motors

• Worldwide manufacturing up to 25,000 HP

• Up to 2000 HP manufactured in Houston

• API 541 capability

• Cast Iron Frames up to 5000 HP

• Low Noise & Vibration

• Self lubricated Sleeve Bearing capability up to 4000 HP

• Custom Engineered for the toughest applications

• Suitable for Variable Frequency Drive applications

• Complete range of accessories

• Competitive price and delivery

• Full performance testing

Motor Specifications
Medium Voltage Top Hat Motors-ODP and WP-II Type
2-6 Pole Ratings – Frame Number 5010

Applicable Standards



Maximum HP
2 Pole 700HP (Minimum HP for standard design should be 400HP)
4 Pole 800HP (Minimum HP for standard design should be 400HP)
6 Pole 600HP (Minimum HP for standard design should be 400HP)

Standard Rated Voltage and Frequency
2300/4000 V – 60 Hz with 6 Leads (Dual Voltage)

* Option: 4160 Vre-nameplate availability (without LRC restriction)
* Option: Low Voltage From Wound

1500 HP, 2 Pole WP1, Sleeve Bearing

New 5811/12 Frame
600 HP, 2 Pole, TEAAC 5811/12, 81dBA