HVAC Variable Frequency Drives

Q9 Low Voltage Variable Torque HVAC VFD

The Q9 Adjustable Speed Drive is a solid-state AC drive designed for commercial variable torque applications such as fans and pumps for VAV systems, cooling towers, and pump systems. The Q9 features a multifunction LCD display that provides a programming interface, monitoring display, and operation mode. The Q9 provides protection against drive overload, motor overload, overvoltage and ground faults, to name a few. These features make the Q9 suitable for a wide variety of applications that require reliable motor control.

The Q9 is available as a power unit or in a variety of configurations. Starting with a steel NEMA 1 enclosure with circuit breaker options include two or three contact bypass, 3 or 5% AC line reactor, DC link reactor. Power units rated 15 to 60HP 230V and 30 to 125HP 460V have a built in DC link reactor.


230V Rating 1 – 60HP
460V Rating 1 – 400HP
RS485 2-Wire / 4-Wire
Modbus RTU Standard
BacNet Option
LonWorks Option
Metasys N2 Option
Apogee FLN Option
Analog Inputs 3: 1 isolated
Analog Outputs 2: 57 Functions
Discrete Inputs 8: 41 Functions
Discrete Outputs 3: 2 Form-A, 1 Form-C
83 Functions, 2A/120V
Display Backlite LCD
Keys Local/Remote, ESC, Run
Mode, Stop/Reset
Overload Capacity 110% for one minute
Interrupting Capacity 100,000AIC


 Think Eastland Industries And Toshiba Variable Frequency Drives!

Reduce CO2 emissions as you reduce energy costs, reduce maintenance costs and improve process control! Using Toshiba Variable Frequency Drives on air handling and pumping applications dramatically reduces your CO2 emissions by lowering your energy consumption. The lower your energy usage, the fewer hydrocarbons released generating your electricity.In most cases installing a Toshiba Variable Frequency Drive will save enough energy to pay for its installation within six months to a year. After that, it continues saving ENERGY and MONEY every day it operates. All while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases!