Elektrim Low Voltage Motors NEMA

Elektrim NEMA Premium®

20N Series Performance Motors

A New Standard for Unwavering Dependability in Demanding Conditions

1-250 HP 3PH TEFC 60 Hz NEMA AC Foot Mounted and C-Face Motors

  • Inverter Duty Rated: 10:1CT & 20:1VT
  • Service Factor: up to 1.40
  • Design: “B” or “A”
  • Protection Degree: IP55
  • Enclosure: TEFC Rigid Cast Iron Frame
  • Warranty: 3-Years
  • High locked rotor torque
  • VPI applied for best electrical performance
  • Oversized ball bearings on both ends
  • Designed for horizontal and vertical application
  • 230/460V 60Hz, usable at 208V 60Hz (up to and including 100HP)
  • 460V 60Hz double delta (125HP and up)
  • Double rated for 190/380V 50Hz
  • Class “F” insulation with rise below Class “B”
  • Impregnation resin and winding wire Class “H” (DN2E200)
  • F1 / F2 Convertible up to 286T frame
  • Low vibration level (below 2.2 mm/sec)
  • CSA-US certified, DOE approved, CE and NEMA Premium® marked


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